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14th Dec 2014

My ingame-name is parawow. I am 18 years old and I come from Marland.
Because I’m spending the most time online of all players on this server, I could be the first contact person for the players if they have a problem.
I want to become Co-Owner on this server, because it’s important for me, that every player has fun and that their beautiful buildings don’t get destroyed by griefers and that they don’t get looted.
I am constantly in contact with the server staff, and I they know me pretty well too, I think.
If someone new gets on the server, I am able to show him the whole server, the commands, the rules and so on.
And now a little bit more about myself, I began to play Minecraft in 2012 so I already know a lot about the game for example how you make villagers, how to brew potions, how to enchant and so on. One of my strenghts is, that I am good at building any kind of structures.
I play on the server since about 1 months and I have already brought 2 new players to the server the way 
I have already build some nice buildings on the server like my main house, an unfinished small ranch, a brewery (a village with about 15 villagers.
So now to come to an end, I would like it a lot to get the chance to help out as a Co-owner on the server and I also want to give my best to improve it. So thank you for reading this and maybe we’ll meet soon at the server.
Hope to see you at the server soon! 

Lots of greetings ~Scotty
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Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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